Saturday, April 11, 2015

eLearning symposium @ AMEE 2015 end of day 1 panel discussion, with Goh Poh Sun and Moira Maley, other members of the organising committee, and the audience

This end of day 1 panel discussion is intended to give an overview, and interactive review, of major themes, and interesting ideas, that have come up during day 1 of the eLearning symposium. Many of these have been highlighted on the day 1 Padlet wall (see below), and we will invite participants who have highlighted posts on the Padlet wall to give a 1 minute follow up comment of their Padlet wall post, followed by group discussion. We will also be taking up ideas from the eLearning symposium blog, and Twitter feed. We welcome all participants to this panel discussion. We intend to engage with both the local, as well as online and mobile audience, who may be on-site or internationally also.